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World leader in digital tech – The UK welcomes talented individuals from the IT sector

The United Kingdom is the nation for entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators in the world of technology. There are ample opportunities for IT skilled professionals in the UK. Digitization is creating attraction for global tech talented skilled professionals in the UK.
Gigantic tech corporates, medium-sized organizations, or even start-ups are providing comprehensive jobs. The UK Tech sector is bigger than any other sector in the country with nearly 2.5 million people working in it.
There is a high demand for individuals possessing IT skills as the world is marching towards the next level of digitization.
The UK IT sector is an eminent one with the growing demand for an industry generating 2.5 billion pounds in the first quarter of 2019 according to Statista. Since the industry is growing and progressing there is a high demand for a number of IT jobs in the coming years. For the highly skilled professionals in the IT industry and also for upcoming talent within the sector, the UK provides much-needed background for growth. It serves as an incubation center for the skills to develop and flourish.
The UK has one of the globes mammoth tech ecosystem with thousands of tech start-ups, created around a well-built entrepreneurial culture. The UK stands in the third position in the tech sector, and is a global tech leader in the world, with the ultramodern, futuristic resources, and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. Gigantic best-known companies across the globe use technology innovations in 5G communication, AI, IoT. The government is also taking wise steps to help flourish the IT sector by investing in cutting edge research & digital skills to help the economy of the country to rise in the pandemic situation as well.
Benefits of relocating to the UK
As the demand is high and supply is low, one can expect a good growth with a hike in salary.
The UK requires people with the extraordinary, unique phenomenal skill set in tech, this is the right time and brilliant opportunity to join the UK tech sector to make a brighter future.
From gigantic tech companies to boutique start-ups the UK leads the digital sector in the fields of AI, Machine learning, data science, IoT, cloud computing, cybersecurity, blockchain, and fintech.
As an individual one can easily achieve financial stability as well as enjoy a work-life balance. Other benefits – partner and minor children can accompany the main applicant, dependant partner can work, and residents get access to good health care and free education for children.
According to the latest report from average salary for IT, services in the UK is £36,000. The average salary for various job titles are:
Solutions Architect – £61K
Senior Software Engineer – £51K
Data scientist – £41K
IT consultant – £41K
Project manager (IT) – £40K
Software Engineer – £40K
Marketing Manager (IT) – £37K
Network engineer – £31K
Software developer – £31K
Software technician – £20K
As part of the current digital sector visa, an individual does not need an employer to sponsor a work visa for relocating to the United Kingdom, instead, you can apply on the basis of your work experience gained within the IT industry.
The UK also offers generous research and development tax benefits to companies in all sectors equally, that contribute to the development of new ideas. SME’s that foster R&D are capable of harnessing 230% of the original R&D expenditure as R&D credits.
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