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What is Elixir? and Let us know facts about Elixir

Elixir was created by a Brazilian developer, José Valim. He used to work with the Ruby programming language. Ruby strives hard to gain success under high volume. Jose Valim during his work at Platformatec handcrafted Elixir by using his skills from Erlang and Ruby. He complimented the missing features of Erlang with Ruby and created Elixir.
what is elixir

What is Elixir?

In the words of its creators, is “a dynamic, functional programming language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.” It is a dynamically typed language used for creating distributed systems with lightweight processes.
It is an emerging language so, many people are unaware of Elixir Programming and its ability to cater to the high demand for real-time use.
Elixir is built on top of Erlang – a functional programming language that has been designed in Ericsson labs around 25 years ago. Elixir has added the advantage of using any libraries from Erlang Language.
Why is it an emerging star?
A programmer can effortlessly write good quality shorter codes that can easily scale, low failure ratio, and automatically recover in Elixir.
Further, let us discuss some of Elixir’s outstanding features.
Fault Tolerance is a top-notch concept in BEAM. In many programming languages, a bug in one process will cause your entire application to crash and fail. The aim of fault tolerance is to find failures, minimize the impact of failures, and be capable of recovering the failures without human intervention and with minimum downtime.
One of the top features of Elixir is its support for concurrency. Concurrency means events or situations that happen at the same time.
Elixir is a powerful language for creating distributed-style software with lightweight processes that also enable concurrency. It is easy for developers to build applications using Elixir’s functional programming features for any industry.

Scalability is the capacity of a system able to increase or decrease performance and cost in response to changes in application and system processing demands.
Scalability has long and short-term benefits.
Scalability is an essential component of any software development. Prioritizing it from the start leads to low-cost maintenance, user user-friendly, and higher agility.
Developers work to create an excellent product within the client’s time and budget with help of balanced software.
Majorly, companies ignore scalability over cost prioritizing or even declining its importance entirely. Due to ignorance of scalability, even a promising project can completely sink.
Scalability isn’t a “golden parachute”, but a major component that determines the lifetime value of software, and building systems with scalability in mind save time money, and efforts in the long run.

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The starting salary that an Elixir developer can earn in India is in the range of INR 10 to 12L as there are very few engineers available compared to the demand for this language. Also, it is easy to find remote work for companies across the globe. For the UK, US & EU companies the above salary levels are the basic minimum that they would easily and happily payout.

– Hetal Vora