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The top programming language that helps you to be an outstanding programmer

In order to excel in the tech world as well as to earn high range salary levels globally, consider programming language that could make you stand on the fringe of the technology sector, one of which is Elixir functional programming language.
Ever-increasing high demand and requirements of the industry it is in the best interest of any software developer to develop their programming skills in Elixir functional programming language. By doing so you can gain an advantage over other candidates, as well as be part of the rising curve so that by the time others join in you can master the skills well and be able to lead.
“Elixir has a non-scary syntax and combines the good features of Ruby and Erlang. It’s not Erlang and it’s not Ruby and it has ideas of its own. – Joe Armstrong
Using the functional programming features of Erlang for its back end and the phoenix web development framework for the front end Elixir is capable of building applications for any industry vertical.
Top companies using Elixir: Pinterest, Financial Times, Square Enix, Bleacher Report, Aeternity, Pepsico, Lonely planet, MBTA, Toyota Connected, Moz Pro and the list is ever-growing
Use cases of Elixir within multiple verticals include:
• Highly scalable social media industry for example Pinterest,
• Highly scalable blockchain – Aeternity,
• Used for marketing automation and supply chain optimisation by Pepsico,
• Within the gaming industry – Discord and Square Enix use Elixir for user authentication.
• Sports news- customized news being sent to millions of Bleacher Report users using Elixir
• Toyota Connected keeps track of its millions of cars and live traffic updates using the concurrency feature of Elixir.
Pathway to a rewarding career
Elixir is one of the top 3 languages along with Rust and Python that will exemplify the future of coding. The future of coding is showcased in Rust, Python, and Elixir, all these 3 languages show a lot of promises when it comes to adoption – Kerry Doyle.
As per the Stack Overflow survey report 2019 Elixir is one of the highest-paid languages across the globe, with a median salary as high as $76K and Erlang developers being able to draw $71K.
Due to high adoption, a rewarding career progression, as well as the possibility of remote working and high demand for the skill set with very few handfuls of good talent available I urge the new and upcoming developers to focus on Elixir or Erlang functional programming languages to give a kick start to their tech career.