RE2 Student Ambassador Program

About us:

RE2 Programming brings the best of the technologies to the Asian IT professionals and upcoming students to help them be part of the global technology development.
We deliver online instructor-led training courses in niche and agile functional programming languages on the Beam technology – Erlang, Elixir and RabbitMQ.
Each of our courses are hand crafted and taught by some of the most respected names in the community, including Erlang co-creator, Robert Virding and Erlang Solutions founder, Francesco Cesarini.

Erlang as well as Elixir are both fault tolerant, highly scalable, concurrent functional programming languages. Erlang was developed by Ericson in 1993 to solve the problems of the Telecoms industry. Since then it has been widely accepted across various companies in Fintech, Automotive, Blockchain, Gaming, e-commerce, smart metering – to name a few industries. A checklist of common benefits that a company gets from using Elixir are:

• Need to grow or scale – If you have a service that you expect to be used by millions, then you’ll benefit from the reliability and scalability of the BEAM VM.
• Handling a lot of incoming requests – Even if you don’t have millions of users, if all of your users make intense use of the system and generate a high volume of requests, you will need a system built for concurrency.
• Easy to develop and maintainable – One of the priorities of Erlang and Elixir is keeping the code simple. As a result, one of the advantages most companies will see is ease of usage and fast development for everything from fixing bugs to adding new features.

RE2 PROGRAMMING is looking for dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic candidate who are passionate about learning functional programming and evolve as well as helping others evolve.

About RE2 Student Ambassador Program:

The student ambassador is a voluntary program which offers a host of opportunities to gain wide variety of skills in the field of leadership, mentoring, team building, team work, event management and public speaking. Student ambassador will have the chance to represent and promote RE2 Programming (the company) as well as functional programming languages Erlang and Elixir at their college/university campus.
The student ambassador program gives the opportunity to network with students from across Asia and also senior leaders from the Erlang and Elixir community from across the globe.

Qualities/ skills for the role of the student ambassador

Excellent interpersonal and communication skill
Good time management skills
Proactive, Energetic, and enthusiastic
Ability to work individually, in groups, and remotely
Ability to mentor students in the college
Ability to organise events/workshops/seminars/webinar
Passionate and zeal to excel for being a bridge between re2pl and students/ management of college students

Benefits of being a student ambassador

Certification from RE2Programming
Letter of recommendation (excellent performers)
Free learnings and mentoring
Performance-based stipend
Internship letter
Discounts on all courses offered
Chance to participate in one of the EU conferences on functional programming

Responsibilities of a student ambassador

Grow awareness of the niche functional programming language Erlang/ Elixir in your community/ college
Design and execute high visibility campaigns in your campus physically or virtually Mentoring / counseling the students
Growing awareness of the company on social media (promotional activities online/offline) Maintaining the data collected
Able to grow the Erlang / Elixir community

Who can apply?

2nd, 3rd, 4th-year bachelor or masters Student in any computer engineering field
Good command over verbal and written English
The program welcomes applications from people studying PAN India.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to increase your knowledge and share your enthusiasm as a liaison between RE2 Programming and your institute, then sign up to find out more about the RE2 Student Ambassador program and be part of the niche functional programming language Erlang / Elixir community.

Selection process

Apply using the link, don’t forget to attach an updated CV and ensure you provide a link to your LinkedIn Profile. The CV should include relevant community activities and list all the student organisations you are a member of. Passing the English proficiency test Shortlisted candidates to get an invitation for a Telephonic interview
Still have any questions please contact us on

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