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Advantages & Benefits of Instructor-Led Online Courses

The interactive experience provided by a live instructor can never be truly replaced by an alternative in the learning process, Using Instructor-led training (ILT) companies can provide personalized and hands-on training to their students or employees irrespective of being delivered online or offline.
Instructor-led training refers to courses facilitated by an instructor as opposed to self-paced, on-demand courses and can be understood as synchronous learning. In instructor-led training courses or programs, the learning occurs in real-time.
instructor led online courses
There can be various types of ILT courses or programs, which can be categorized as Face-to-face training, Virtual live training, Private courses, and public courses. In the case of Private courses which are delivered for a private audience, are often customized as per the need of the audience.
Companies that want to deliver customer training that goes above and beyond self-paced courses can opt for instructor-led training courses. Such companies could either have highly complex products or mechanical products that require hands-on interaction. This method of training is also appropriate when the students are in a relatively small number and not very tech-savvy. Instructor-led training courses are perfect for those having the budget, time, and need for full-day and/or multi-day training.

The following can be understood as the key benefits of instructor-led training:

• The instructor can answer specific questions on a one-on-one basis with tailored approaches providing personalized learning.

• The students have to privilege to provide feedback immediately and in real-time which helps the instructor adjust the teaching plan accordingly.

• Using ILT, the instructor can easily conduct hands-on training exercises for e.g., topics like operating medical equipment, programming.

• It becomes easier to control costs without investing in content or technology since ILT costs are largely based on instructors and facilities.

• Provides dedicated time and space for learning while also providing a platform for students and teachers to interact.

• Due to clear costs associated with the instructor and facilities students have a higher perceived value for ILT.

Therefore, Instructor-led training seems to be the most viable and appropriate method of training in today’s date when we also consider the restrictions imposed on students and companies because of a global pandemic. At RE2 Programming the live instructor-led course are specially tailored for beginners and taught by industry experts which helps them secure a bright future in the domain of functional programming and computer science.