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Industry Academia Partnership

RE2 Programming’s Industry-Academia Partnership fosters greater and faster digitisation by bringing together industry and universities. This partnership model is aimed at creating an ecosystem to truly support the academic research with Industry experience. Bringing cutting edge technology in the field of functional programming to the Indian IT professionals.
Functional programming languages such as Erlang, Elixir and various others on the BeamVM are ranking on the top 3 positions as per the stack overflow survey results 2021 in terms of global pay scales. Beam Technology is the backbone of giant multi million user databases such as social media giants Whatsapp, Facebook, Discord, Pinterest, Fintech giants such as master card. Blockchain unicorns such as Blockfi and Aeternity as well as the entire United Kingdom’s and Canadian banking operations are based on Erlang or Elixir as their backend systems.
The selection criteria by major companies are the scalability, reliability and fault tolerance feature of the Beam languages that help them stand out. Scaling to millions of operations per minute or having millions of active users per second is easily achieved with Erlang or Elixir. Zero downtime is observed by Whatsapp or any of the above-mentioned companies while introducing new features to the existing live systems, as they run on BeamVM.
Such programming languages are being introduced massively for the first time to the Indian aspiring IT professionals by RE2 Programming. The courses offered by RE2 Programming are delivered by industry experts and co-creators of the language or lecturer from world famous university – Oxford university.
Why Collaborate with RE2 Programming?

The value created by such a collaboration has high impact on the lives of the students and helps generating a thriving ecosystem for the company as well as the university and the upcoming students.

To summarise:
1. High value opportunity and outcomes for student. 2. Global job market visibility.
3. Access to remote jobs at the pay rates in various western countries.
4. Providing valuable opportunities to students by helping them relocate to the UK, EU, US, Canada or Australia where the demand for such skills is very high and shortage of the skillset meaning high pay for the current talent.
5. Overall better societal impact. 6. Leading to higher economic development of India.
What will help the collaboration with RE2 programming succeed?

There is no concept of one size fit all, this collaboration comes in all size and shape. High societal impact is one of the key benefits of this collaboration. The long-term relationship created between the students and the industry expert is the key ingredient of this recipe.

All successful collaborations start of small. But, if the academic partners can appreciate the potential of long-term partnership, then success is guaranteed.
How can colleges and university join us?

The most important aspect that we consider before engaging in a long-term relationship with any university or a college is a similar agenda or goal as we share. Past successful collaborations help this to further strengthen the future positions and creating a strategic collaboration.

For further enquiries please reach out to us on or or call us on +91 98202 40697; +44 7506711024.

– Hetal Vora