Hire | Train | Deploy

Hire | Train | Deploy - Model

Due to the scarcity of the required skillset on the beam technology the competition to hire the best talent is very high. We believe in skilling the talent according to the needs of the company. This in turn helps in reducing the time to hire as well as retaining the talent for long. With our hire to train model we source highly skilled engineers with computer science degree, train them to the skillset with Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ, Containerisation, EMQx etc as required by the company. 

This approach to recruitment saves your organisation significant costs and time as the future employee of the organisation are trained to the culture of the organisation prior to jumping into the workforce.

The way this model is implemented is:

  1. Understanding the customer requirements. 
  2. Creating a company profile.
  3. Sourcing the candidates best suited to the needs of the organisation, as well as those interested in working for the company i.e. matching the company to the right candidate
  4. Training the candidate on the technical skills as well as working with them on their soft skills.
  5. Ensuring the candidate is fully geared up to join the organisation.
  6. Drawing up internship arrangements between the candidate and the company.
  7. Monitoring the candidate progress during the internship.
  8. Candidates get stipend during the internship period, thereby reducing high costs of having a team on training from day 1 for the organisation.
  9. Organisation pays a small fee for the training the staff and stipend during the internship period instead of high recruitment agency fees.
  10. Candidates progressing through the internship well get final offer letters from the organisation.

Under the above model, both the candidate and the organisation know each other well at the end of internship and are more likely to excel well together.  The organisation is not paying huge salary from day 1 to train the required skill, simultaneously a high calibre candidate knows that they have the back up of a great organisation as soon as the training is completed.

If you are an international organisation and wanting to resource your skills from India we do help you set up your own hub within our offices or also support remote staff. By having RE2 Programing as your resourcing partner you can ensure that the required skill with in the beam domain can be sourced easily and managed throughout.

We can help resourcing not only on the Beam technology but any technical skills or even skills within the marketing, accounting, financing domain can be sourced as per the needs of the organisation. We work on a fixed fee approach for all the resourcing needs as well as managing your dream team by engaging as employers for record purposes, thereby ensuring your organisation is mitigating all the risks relating to local laws. 

All-inclusive cost to the organisation for a fresh graduate from a top ranking university will be £12K p.a. to 5 years experienced costing in the range of £23K to £25K p.a. and 10 to 15 years experienced candidates all-inclusive cost to the company could be in the range of £45K to £50K.

– Hetal Vora