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Functional Programming, Where do I begin?

One of the biggest questions posed in the programming world is, “Where do I begin?”
The answer may appear simple at first, but as we delve deeper into the web of languages that we must understand in order to do something, we become trapped in a web of confusion. After years of learning programming languages and interviewing people, one thing is sure that there is going to be a group of people who feel comfortable coding in a particular language, the language may differ since we have a wide variety available to us nowadays.
We all have a lot of options available to us on which language we should choose and which language has the most resources available online, in case the programmer gets stuck. One cannot simply decide the language they want to learn by looking at their popularity. We take into account multiple factors like, jobs available, career growth, resources that are available online, ease of learning, its effectiveness to solve the problem at hand, and how it can be used to solve those problems.
Of course, there are a lot more reasons than the ones mentioned above, but in a nutshell, we cannot make a person choose a language, so similarly there is not going to be a general way to roadmap the process of learning a language. Although, we surely can draw a roadmap to learning a functional programming language cause the languages developed on the concept of functional programming follow the same principles.

Let’s get into the process of where one should begin functional programming.

Learning functional programming is like beginning to learn programming all over again. I know this phrase has been used a lot but it is true. To understand the concepts of functional programming you will have to unlearn everything that is you know about programming. So, in case if you’re an absolute beginner, absorbing the concepts of functional programming languages may be a lot easier for you.
Now, I will tell you the three secrets to learning any programming language.
  1. Unlearn whatever you have learned so far: When it comes to functional programming, you will have to completely start from scratch to learn it. The reason is simple, whatever you have learned in object-oriented programming or imperative programming is based on a different concept from functional programming.
  2. The most important thing that one should remember is that the syntax of any programming language doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t focus more time on learning the syntax rather you should spend time learning how the language interacts with different interfaces. This is a motto that every programmer should learn. Singularly, learning the syntax of any programming language is not going to help you understand the concepts better, but experimenting with will teach you a lot.
  3. The third thing that one should do is practice every single day. Unless and until you keep on practicing what you have learned, you will never be able to understand a programming language completely.
These were some tips to get you started on your journey. Leveling up your skills can always up your game as a developer and be ready for your future.

– Tanmayi Kantekar