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How to become a master in Erlang programming language?

Erlang programming language is used for creating massively scaled soft real-time systems with strong availability requirements. Telecoms, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony, and instant messaging are just a few of its applications.
Erlang is a suitable choice when communicating between numerous agents across a network is involved, because the basic structure of the language maps well to that.
Erlang programming language
It’s fantastic for building chat apps, message queue systems, blockchains, hex editors, and other high-performing services. There are a large number of companies that use Erlang. The most prominent one is WhatsApp. If you are already aware of the advantages and use cases of learning Erlang, you must be wondering how do I learn that language and how do I master it.

In this article, I will be telling you how exactly one can become a master in the Erlang programming language.

1. The number one rule while learning any language is to find out all about the uses and how you can use it to the features you want. Let’s take an example for that; suppose you want to learn Erlang programming; you will have to do research about where all it is used. The answer to that question is; it is used in almost all major IT/ Tech companies to build a system that is resilient, concurrent, and scalable. So this brings us to the next step of the map.
2. Listing down all the features we want our system to have. As mentioned above, once we have finalized where it is used and where we want to use it, we will now shortlist the features we want our system to have. Let’s say that a person wants to build a system that is highly scalable, easy to maintain and flexible. Then the person would list down all the languages that offer those features, once these features are clear in my mind, I will list down all the languages that allow me to do that. One of the biggest advantages of Erlang is that it can be used as a standalone language and also it can interface with other languages and system with ease. We would want something like to make our system easy to build and understand.
3. Now you have the why and what to learning this language. We will now see “how” to learn Erlang. For this you will have to do a thorough research for courses that offer to teach Erlang. The biggest problem here is to find a one that will help you understand all the core concepts and also allow the students to learn at their own pace. You need to keep in mind that this course should also assist you in learning about the language thoroughly and should allow you to implement the functionalities in the way you want.