Erlang Programming for Beginners – Online


Erlang Programming for Beginners – Online

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  • Last Update December 18, 2020


Expertise: Beginner

Target audience: Software Developers, Engineers, and Architects

Duration: 3 months

Prerequisites: Good programming skills in another programming language


  • Understanding of the basics of Erlang
  • Read/Write/Design and observe Erlang Programs
  • Learn how to think concurrently and handle errors
  • Get an understanding of best design practices
  • Provides basics needed to attend the OTP course

Course Outline Learn the language that carries 90% of the world’s internet traffic. This is our 3 Months online training to learn and practice coding in Erlang. Great for those that need to start working with Erlang and use it in commercial projects. There are a range of follow up courses to up-skill you to the Expert level. The course contains the following topics:

  • Background
  • The Shell, Types and Constructs
  • Sequential Erlang
  • Unit Testing
  • Concurrent Erlang
  • Process Design Patterns
  • Process Error Handling
  • Functional Programming Constructs
  • Maps and Records
  • ETS tables
  • Good Design Practices
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Target Audience

  • Software Developers, Engineers, and Architects