Erlang Language for Beginners – Online (Live Instructor-led Classes)


Erlang Language for Beginners – Online (Live Instructor-led Classes)

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  • Last Update July 7, 2021


Erlang Language

Nowadays, as technology plays a major role in the day-to-day functioning of our life from remote learning for students to remote working for adults, coders are in high demand. Coding is the most in-demand skill across all sectors. For that very reason, finding employment as a coder will be an easy task.

Adding Erlang to your list of programming languages is an impressive way to stand out from the growing crowd of job-seeking coders. Erlang being a high-level programming language will place you above the rest of the crowd.

Erlang Language was developed to solve the problems faced in the telecoms industry at the Ericsson labs by a team consisting of Robert Virding, Joe Armstrong, and a project managed by Bjarne Dacker. In 1986 the first version of Erlang was released.

Robert Virding the co-creator of Erlang Language heads our training team. Through our live interactive online classes, you can avail the opportunity of learning from Robert Virding through the comfort of your home.

If you aim at creating highly scalable systems that rarely break down such as Whatsapp, the Erlang language will be the right starting point.

Few of the use cases of Erlang Programming language include:

    • It carries 90% of the world’s internet traffic according to Cisco that ships 2 million devices per year running on Erlang
    • Back end system for instant messaging app Whatsapp that has 2 million+ active users
    • Ericsson uses Erlang as the core of its GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G infrastructure

This Erlang course for Beginners offers an extensive introduction to the world of Erlang. Beginners were definitely front-of-mind before designing the course. Great course for those that need to start working with Erlang Language for commercial project deployment.

Expertise: Beginner

Target audience: Software Developers, Engineers, and Architects

Duration: 3 months, instructor led, live online training once a week for 4 hours

Prerequisites: Good programming skills in another programming language


      • Basic Understanding of Erlang language
      • Read/Write/Design and observe Erlang Programs
      • To develop concurrent thinking ability and error handling
      • Develops ability to understand best design practices
      • Essential requirement to attend the OTP course

Topics covered:

      • Background
      • The Shell, Types and Constructs
      • Sequential Erlang
      • Unit Testing
      • Concurrent Erlang
      • Process Design Patterns
      • Process Error Handling
      • Functional Programming Constructs
      • Maps and Records
      • ETS tables
      • Good Design Practices

A range of follow up courses to up-skill you to an Expert level are available as well.


Target Audience

  • Software Developers, Engineers, and Architects