The top programming language that helps you to be an outstanding programmer

In order to excel in the tech world as well as to earn high range salary levels globally, consider programming language that could make you stand on the fringe of the technology sector, one of which is Elixir functional programming language. Ever-increasing high demand and requirements of the industry it is in the best interest of any software developer to develop their programming skills in Elixir functional programming language. By doing so you can gain an advantage over other candidates, as well as be part of the rising curve so that by the time others join in you can master the skills well and be able to lead.

Which companies are using Erlang, and why?

Once upon a time, Cisco, Ericsson, Klarna, Goldman Sachs, T-Mobile, WhatsApp, Amazon and many other top companies kept a secret. Erlang was that badly kept secret. Many have heard of it, but few realise that it controls vast amounts of infrastructure, including the fixed and mobile networks we use on a daily basis. It was monumental when Cisco revealed that it ships 2 million devices per year running Erlang at the Code BEAM Stockholm conference in 2018. This translates to 90% of all internet traffic going through routers and switches controlled by Erlang. And have you heard about Ericsson? It has Erlang at the core of its GPRS, 3G, 4G and 5G infrastructure. With a market share of 40%, there’s a high probability a program written in Erlang assigned the IP address your smartphone is using today…

Which companies are using Elixir, and why?

How do you choose the right programming language for a project? As a developer or a key-decision maker you could decide based on your personal preference, or what is fashionable at the time, but if you’re not considering real experiences and use cases, you may end up making a decision that becomes difficult to execute, expensive to complete and a nightmare to maintain.As Francesco mentioned in the Erlang blog of our #MyTopdogStatus series, you could start by asking why a language was created. This will help ensure that you’re choosing a language designed to fix a problem suited to your needs. On a number of occasions, José Valim has stated he wanted to give the power and productivity of Erlang to more developers.Another great tip for choosing a language is to look under..

An introduction to RabbitMQ - What is RabbitMQ?

Why Rabbit? What is MQ? How can it improve our applications? Why would I want to learn more about it? — These are questions that I asked when I was first introduced to RabbitMQ. I’m Gabor, and I’m now a RabbitMQ engineer and consultant. In my time working with RabbitMQ, I’ve learned that even experienced customers ask these questions.
What problem does RabbitMQ solve?
Before we delve into what RabbitMQ is and how to use it, it is worth learning more about the problem domain itself. Communication between different services (a.k.a computers) is an age-old problem.On one hand, there are the different protocols defining the means of transportation and the properties of the communication.Some examples of such protocols include SMTP, FTP, HTTP or WebSockets…

Erlang has become an essential technology in our toolkit.

INNOVATION & SCALABILITY bet365 RELIES ON ERLANG-BASED SYSTEM TO DELIVER SMOOTH SERVICE TO 11 MILLION PLAYERS Started in 2001 as a family business, bet365 now employs over 2000 people and is one of the world’s biggest online sports betting sites. They deliver live online experiences in 17 languages to over 11 million customers worldwide. The company is hailed as a leading innovator in the Online Gambling & Betting space, constantly pushing technological boundaries. They take great pride in their culture of innovation and attribute much of their success to giving development teams the freedom to innovate.
CHALLENGE bet365’s InPlay betting platform was initially developed in Java. It was a highly concurrent, distributed system running 100’s of servers, allowing users to place bets in real time. It supported TCP/IP and Long Poll clients and made use of proprietary…